Payments April 2010 (updated November 2015).


    Due to the high cost of bank charges and freight charges all future costs will be passed on as follows;

    Payments made by direct credit into our account – no additional charges.

    Payments made by Credit Card over the phone an 2.25% charge will be added to the total bill. Don’t blame me – blame your bank!

    Now Lower - they are listening!.

    They charge me that plus a monthly fee! (If you have a positive solution to lower this cost please contact us)

    Credit Card payments made via the web site – We will carry the cost.

    Click on the Paymate button at the bottom of the home page.


    Bank Details:                  Westpac Cherrywood ;                  

                                             The Train Depot, 03 1548 0126850 00

    Freight Costs;

    Due to the new packaging of decoders the minimum cost to post will now be $2.00 for a single decoder or $3.00 for 2 decoders.

    Courier charge for decoders remains at $4.50 up to 5 decoders (limit of the bag).

    Normal postage rates have increased on average $2.00 per parcel due to packaging.

    New; New Zealand Post have changed the rules for tracking lost mail - if you have not requested any tracking options

    then you are NOT covered for any losses in the mail and you only have 14 days from time of posting to lodge a claim for a

    missing item.