Information update;


There has been a lot of mis-information being said about NCE products here in New Zealand and I wish people would get their facts right.


The PowerCab as sold by The Train Depot is not the same package as other dealers are selling. The Train Depot supplies a New Zealand C ticked transformer that meets all of NCE Corporations requirements and is not available from any known outlet in New Zealand that includes Dick Smiths and JayCar.

We have done an extensive search for local power units that meet all of the requirements as set by NCE and that comply with New Zealand standards. If you know of a local supplier - at a reasonable cost - then please contact us.


All NCE units sold by The Train Depot - NCE Pro , Pro R, PowerCAB are  C-Ticked  - N12668
Equipment has been tested as required using one or all the following standards, AS/NZS 4268:2003 - AS/NZS CISPR 22:2004 - ACA Class 2000.

Power supply's are approved for use in New Zealand
and are C-ticked..


None of the units sold elsewhere meet these requirements.


We also conduct all servicing on our premises, and only some repairs would require the units being sent back to the factory. Factory repairs are normally caused by misuse by the user.



The Train Depot being NZs only authorized NCE dealer finds it disappointing that others have seen fit to bring NCE products into the country without complying with NZs safety requirements.

Part of our agreement is that we do not and will not support any NCE product not purchased through the Train Depot.

The Train Depot is the only authorized NCE agent in New Zealand and services all those units which are sold by us here in New Zealand.


Please contact us if you have any questions