Specific features NAVO
Decoder features the common features outlined on Main Decoder page. .

  • Plug and play in N scale Atlas VO-1000 switcher
  • Motor rating of 1.0 amps with 1.25 peak
  • 2 functions rated at 40 ma, all feature lighting effects.

Installation of the NAVO decoder for the N scale Atlas VO-1000 locomotives has resulted in a failure of one of the bridge rectifiers.

Based on our experience a lot of the problem locomotives have appeared. Our tests revealed that the decoders were functioning before installation and that in all cases the bridge rectifier was damaged as soon as track power was applied. While we have been unable to directly point our finger at a cause we have found that the following supplemental instructions have aided us to couple a number of successful installs

We recommend that you test the decoder before installation, a DTK tester and a some connectors are all that is required or you can solder some fine wire between the motor pads on the decoder and the motor tabs in the locomotive. This allows testing outside the frame, remember tape every thing down, if it can move it will do so in the wrong direction. Once you are sure that the decoder is functioning follow the instructions outlined in the NCE manual. The modifications outline below are not mandatory but we have found that they have ensured a safe installation in the locomotive we have installed decoders in

Disassemble the locomotive as per the instructions supplied with the decoder. Locate the motor pickups and tin both, then place insulation tape over the full length of the metal tab as shown, this must be done both sides.  Ensure that the tinning is a light wipe not a blob - ok.

Place the decoder in its correct location and check alignment with the motor pads on the decoder.

If the match between the decoder pad and the motor pick up is not good bend into alignment.

Experience has shown that the pickup on the finger side is the best one to align.

Check that the decoder pickup tabs are central within the frame of the locomotive. The ringed area should be check as it is possible for the component next to the frame to touch

A failed decoder can be repaired as a standard NCE NO FAULT warranty claim




    D13SRJ Decoder with NMRA 9 pin jack - Rev. D PC Boards

    If you are going to use Surface Mount resistors on the back of the D13SRJ decoder board for LED lighting, the letters and numbers for outputs are reversed.

    F marked on the board is actually the yellow back up light wire

    R marked on the board is actually the white forward light wire

    1 marked on the board is actually the violet F2 output wire

    2 marked on the board is actually the green F1 output wire

    This ONLY occurs on the Rev. D PC Boards and does not apply to any other decoder


    The outputs of these decoders function are reversed on F1 & 2, to have them work correctly you will have to function map the decoder on the following

    CV's if installing into a locomotive with a 9 pin NMRA plug and requiring the use of function F1 and F2. Were you are hard wiring the decoder just swap the

    wire colors or remap as outlined.

    Using Programming on the main or the programming select CV programming [option 2] and set the following values into two CV's

    Cv35 = 8 and CV36 = 4 this will correct the problem.

    This ONLY occurs on the D13SRJ Rev D PC Boards and does not apply to any other decoder.